Man Cave Furniture: Chairs, Bar Stools & Couch

When it comes to your man cave, nothing expresses your personality more than your furniture.  Not only does your man cave show personality and style, but also just how much of a macho man you happen to be.  When it’s time to sit down and play the latest version of Madden or watch the game with a few friends and an ice-cold beer, your man cave can be the most comfortable spot in the house. Some of the most popular man cave furniture includes gaming chairs, home theater seating and the classic recliner as well as sofas, tables and storage bins.  Just remember that there’s lots of stuff out there, so take your time when looking around.  After all, there’s nothing better than knowing your man cave is envied by all those allowed to enter your domain.  So let out a few grunts, do some chest bumps with your buddies and transform your man cave into the testosterone shrine it was meant to be.

Storage Bins Can Look Manly in a Man Cave

As we all know, man caves have plenty of stuff in them, and sometimes you need a place to store things. What the wife calls junk is always the man caver’s treasure, so it needs to be stored in style. A great way to get some things out of the way while showing support for your favorite team is using the Fabric Storage Cubes from My Owners Box. Available in your favorite team’s colors and complete with logo, these are the perfect choice to keep a man cave looking neat while also looking manly. Reasonably priced and coming with a handle for easy carrying, they can be stacked three high, almost a foot cubed, giving you plenty of room to store anything you need. And as any man who is shopping for man cave furniture knows, keeping the man cave a clutter-free zone is half the battle to keeping the man caver’s wife or girlfriend happy.

Man Cave Furniture Essentials: Sofas and Tables

Of course, man caves need a few more items besides chairs. When the man cave is full of guests, a comfortable sofa and some nice tables add a touch of class while letting everyone spread out and relax. However, since it’s the man cave the furniture has to show your support for your favorite team. Whether it’s the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL or anything else there’s a sofa for you. First Team Sofas display your team’s logo and are decked out in team colors. Made of microfiber, they’re handcrafted and made to easily clean up in the event a spill occurs while getting excited about a touchdown or home run.

Gaming Chairs for Your Man Cave

Sometimes rather than watching a big game, it’s more fun to play some big games in your man cave.  After all, if your favorite team can’t win the Super Bowl or World Series in the real world, perhaps you can finally see them do the impossible in the land of video games.  However, it might take a few tries to succeed, so you’ve got to be sure you’re comfortable and relaxed while doing so.  When you’ve got your team on the brink of a video championship, it’s always better when you’re sitting in a great gaming chair.  As with most items in your man cave, what you get depends on how much money you’ve got to spend.

If you’re looking for a great gaming chair at a low price, has an entire section devoted to video game chairs. One of the most popular is the Ace Bayou Video Rocker, which can let you spend lots of quality time with your Xbox. The top-selling video game chair on Amazon, it has lots going for it. It is one of the low priced chairs and it fits into almost any man cave budget.  Weighing only 14 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to be moved anywhere you want in the man cave. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth, it comes in all kinds of colors, including some versions that have mesh racing stripes to make you feel just a little more macho than usual. So if you’re looking for a chair you can kick back and relax in without busting your budget, this is a great choice. 

But if you’re looking for something just a little better, give the Wireless X Rocker Pro Series a try. A bit pricier, it’s considered the Cadillac of video game chairs.  Compatible with Xbox, Playstation, home theaters and other high-tech gadgets it’s got two speakers and a subwoofer to give you an experience you’ll never forget. With a state-of-the-art sound system built into it, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your favorite movie or game. Complete with additional vibration synched with the bass and great back support, it works great for yourself or any junior man cave members who may be hanging around.

Home Theater Seating

If it’s movies you’re more interested in, Amazon has a great selection of home theater seating as well.  One of the best features of home theater seating is the multiple configurations in which they come.  Many models are available in 2, 3 or 4 seat groupings, allowing you and your family and friends to enjoy some quality time together in the man cave.  Most people begin by purchasing two seats, then add more later on as they decide to expand the man cave theater to accommodate more guests. However, keep in mind this purchase will set you back a few bucks, so be prepared to empty the wallet.

For an initial purchase, consider the Pavillion Theater Seating – 2 Black Leather Chairs – Coaster Co. Two black leather chairs that are the ultimate in comfort and convenience, they are a great beginning to the man cave theater. Getting rave reviews from customers as being sturdy and comfortable, these chairs come with adjustable headrests and plenty of cushioning for your backside. Available in black, they make any man cave the place to be for family movie night. If you decide to just go for it and bust your man cave budget on quality and style, then it’s the Pavilion Top Grain Leather 3 Seater Home Theater Seating in Red Finish you’re looking for. The top grain leather, along with oversized cupholders to hold the biggest of drinks, make these chairs hard to resist.

The Classic Recliner A Man Cave Furniture Must Have

Sometimes, it’s just best to get back to the basics. In the man cave, there’s nothing better than a man and his favorite chair. More often than not, that favorite chair happens to be a classic recliner. When it’s time to find the chair of your dreams, consider a classic recliner from Flash Furniture. A plush recliner with overstuffed padded seat, arms and back make this one chair you may never want to leave once you sit down and get comfortable. But if you want a chair that exudes comfort and convenience, try a chair from the homelegance recliner collection. Often viewed as the ultimate man cave chair, it takes sitting to a whole new level. Imaging sitting down in a chair that’s heated to just the right temperature and comes complete with chilled cup holders and LED lighting. Who wouldn’t want this in their man cave?  Yes sir, when it’s time to sit down and watch the game this is the chair for you. It’s been well worth the price to those man cavers who have splurged to get the perfect chair for themselves.

When you need a table to put near your sofa, there are plenty of team logo coffee tables and end tablesfrom which to choose. Just like the sofas, the tables proudly display the team logo on the top and are made of sturdy, macho hardwood that looks elegant yet strong.  However, these tables offer reversible logo panels letting you flip them over to a plain table top if needed.  A great addition to the man cave, these tables will give you and the other man cave inhabitants plenty of room to set drinks and other items.

A man cave is truly not a man cave without the right man cave furniture.  Chairs have to be comfortable while being sturdy, tables need the look of fine craftsmanship while also showing everyone who’s the favorite team of the man cave.  No matter what theme your man cave takes on, there’s nothing quite like looking around and seeing furniture that proudly tells all who enter who you are and who you root for.  So after you finish furnishing the cave, it’s time to sit back in that classic recliner, drink in hand and catch the big game.