Will These 20 Man Cave Gifts Make Him Smile?

guy_smilingFor most women, gifts are a great way of expressing their love towards their partners and loved ones. However, the process is not as simple as it seems. Retail stores across United States carry thousands of items that cater to the needs of the fairer sex ranging from flowers and clothes to jewelry and accessories. Buying a gift for a man, on the other hand, can be challenging and time-consuming. In fact, most women are not sure about the item they buy for their partner, in spite of putting in significant amount of time, effort and money.

Man Cave Gifts to the Rescue

A recent survey has indicated that approximately half of American homes have a man cave in them. About six out of ten women believe that specially-designated man spaces have a positive impact on their relationship. If you are one of them, we have another good news for you. Having a man cave can simplify the gift giving process for you. Online and traditional brick-and-mortar stores offer a wide selection of products that can easily fit into your partner’s mantuary.

While some man cave gifts are functional, others are purely for display. Here are 20 man cave gifts found on Amazon.com. They are perfect for every season, can be given on any occasion and will fit into almost any man cave theme. Find a gift on the list below, click the link and pay for it on Amazon and your shopping is all done. Now that is easy! Your man will thank you!

  1. Man Cave Rules – Tin Sign – This 12-inch by 15-inch sign with black letters on a multi-colored background is witty and eye-catching. Every man will enjoy hanging it on the wall of his cave.
  2. man cave gift bottle openerStarr X Wall-mounted Bottle Opener – If you are looking for a simple yet functional gift, this is a great option. It can be mounted on the wall of the man cave, and your partner will never have to search for a bottle opener in the kitchen before the beer party in the cave.
  3. BBQ Grilling Tools Set – If your man loves to grill in his cave, this is a great choice. The set includes professional-grade stainless steel spatula, tongs and barbeque fork. Your partner will also receive a free recipe book.
  4. Beverage coolers – This is a great alternative to a mini-fridge. It is stylish and attractive. The transparent glass doors allow your partner and his buddies to find their favorite beverages with ease.
  5. NFL Sportula Products Boasters Stainless Steel Coasters – These heavy-duty stainless steel coasters can be customized with the logo of your partner’s favorite NFL team. Each piece has a strong cork backer. The unique laser-cut design will add style to the room, while retaining the functionality.
  6. Jack Daniel’s Bottle Table Lamp – This is the perfect accessory for every man cave. It is a fully-assembled and handmade lamp that comes with a changeable light.
  7. NFL Pro Football Helmet Playoff Tracker – This set comes with miniature helmets that represent all the 32 NFL teams. Your partner will also receive two tracking sheets that will help him record the progress of the tournament. He would love to have it in his man cave for reference.
  8. NFL Snack Helmet – This unique helmet-shaped serving tray can add charm to every man cave party. Its microwaveable and dishwasher-safe trays make it functional as well. The helmet can be customized with the logo of your partner’s favorite team. It’s great for chips, dips, candies and other condiments.
  9. man cave bookThe Man Cave Book – Apart from offering some great advice, this resourceful book by Mike Yost and Jeff Wilser also pays tribute to some unique and glorious man spaces. If your partner is a man cave enthusiast, he will love it.
  10. 15-Film Man Cave Action Pack V.1 – The 3-disc pack includes a selection action movies that are perfect for the man cave. Every guy is bound to find something he likes. It is also a great way of entertaining your man’s buddies.
  11. Big Mouth Toys The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron – This is another great option for the man who enjoys to BBQ and entertain in the man cave. It has large pockets and unique holders that will help him carry everything he needs for the afternoon. The apron comes with an adjustable strap and will work for most men.
  12. Harley-Davidson® Essential Bar and Shield Neon Clock – Every motorcycle enthusiast should have this in his man cave. The 12-inch diameter clock comes with blue neon and chrome housing. It is equipped with a neon power adapter as well.
  13. Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set, 6-Piece – These dishwasher-safe, locally-manufactured beer glasses will make your partner’s man cave party more fun. Each glass in this set is different and has a unique shape.choices include classic pilsner, English pub, Belgian ale, craft pub glass, porter/stout, and wheat beer.
  14. man cave gifts basketArt of Appreciation Gift Baskets Manly Mans Meat and Snack Attack Gift Basket -Every man may want some snacks in his cave, just in case the pizza delivery guy is late. The basket includes an assortment of beef jerky, sausage sticks, and other goodies. The hand-crafted basket can be personalized with a lovely message.
  15. Man cave Rules T-shirt – T-shirts always make for great gifts. This man cave rules t-shirt is funny and unique. Your guy will enjoy wearing it. It is available in most common sizes and in 11 different colors.
  16. “Property of Man Cave” Pillow – This plush, 18-inch square pillow states the obvious on the front. It also has two three-and-half inch square nylon pockets in the back. Your man can use them to keep everything from beer bottles to remotes. They add comfort to almost any chair or couch.
  17. LED Illuminated Bar Caddy – This portable and revolving liquor dispenser can turn any man cave into a bar. It can hold up to four bottles at a time and pour perfect 1.5 oz shots for the perfect feel. You will also avoid wasting expensive beverages by overpouring them.
  18. Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard – Your man will love this electronic dart board. It comes with six darts, 15.5-inch target surface, and an AC adapter. It includes 35 games with 171 options and is ideal for one to sixteen players. It is great for parties. It is also perfect for those lone times in the cave.
  19. Da Vinci 200 Dice Striped Poker Chip Set, 11.5gm – No man cave is complete without a good poker set. this high quality product includes two decks of cards, 5 dice, two cut cards, and three free buttons. Every piece is neatly organized inside a heavy-duty, aluminum chip case.
  20. Man Cave Neon LED Sign – This sign with flashing LED lights can be placed on a wall or a window or on the door at the entrance of the man cave. It is cool way of announcing the presence of this special room and your partner would love to flaunt it.