Top 50 Man Cave Rules for Your Sign

Every man cave needs a sign which sets the theme for the manly space. Some rules are simple like “Green Packer Fan Parking Only.” Other signs are more lengthy with a long list of rules. Visitors will get the idea that this is definitely a manly space when they read your rules. We have put together a list of 50 man cave rules some of which can be found on many popular man cave signs. Are you wondering what rules to display in your man cave? Then check out this large selections of rules and signs.

top 50 man cave rules

  1. It is my room, and I make or break the man cave rules here. All shall abide. Period. I shall never compromise on that.
  2. I decorate my cave. No flowers, candle holders, or potpourri allowed.
  3. No soft toys, cuddly bears, and plush pillows anywhere near the room. Any variation of the shade pink is unacceptable.
  4. Blankets with arms will be thrown out immediately.
  5. The man cave must have a large television. And yes, size matters.
  6. Comfortable recliners and lounge chairs are needs not wants. Every man cave must have them.
  7. I always sit on the best seat. No arguments are entertained in this regard.
  8. The man needs a bar or a mini-fridge in his cave.
  9. The man and his guests will always have access to cold beer. The guests can register a complaint if they are unhappy with the temperature.
  10. Complaining about the brand of the beer is, however, prohibited. It’s free and you don’t have a choice.
  11. No man shall ever turn down a beer. Hiding the beverage is not good behavior.
  12. Smoking cigars is acceptable. No one attempts to hide the cigar smoke with sweet-smelling room fresheners.
  13. I decide the menu. No one is allowed to discuss the detrimental impact of junk food on health. That’s all you get here. End of story.
  14. Grilling has nothing to do with the weather. I grill when I want.
  15. Discussions about recipes and ingredients are strictly prohibited.
  16. You can go for the last chicken wing or pizza slice without feeling guilty about it. The same may not be true for the beer though.
  17. No fat-free potato chips, veggies, yogurt and salads ever!
  18. Monologues are not acceptable under any circumstance. Short and relevant conversations are appreciated.
  19. Yes and No answers are preferred and encouraged at all times.
  20. I accept answers the way they are. If I ask what’s the problem and someone says nothing, I assume nothing is wrong and move one.
  21. The same goes for food. If someone says he does not know what to eat, I make the decision for him.
  22. You do not have to hear everything. Selective hearing is not a sin.
  23. No gossips. You do not talk about family problems here nor do we discuss the neighbors.
  24. Talking about feelings and emotions can lead to permanent expulsion from the cave.
  25. No discussions about “relevant” issues please. This place is purely for fun.
  26. No nagging about anything. My decisions are final.
  27. All individuals entering the man cave shall have a thick skin. You are allowed to pick on each other at all times. No restrictions apply.
  28. All issues will be resolved using rock, paper,scissors; or arm wrestling.
  29. Arguments shall not last for more than 3 minutes. Crying or emotional talk-back will not be tolerated.
  30. We celebrate birthdays in the cave but no man should expect a gift. The party will include more junk food and beer, and the birthday boy will graciously sponsor them.
  31. No one touches the remote even momentarily. It is possibly the biggest sin.
  32. I decide the shows. People can expect to watch one of the sports channels 24/7.
  33. Men’s gymnastics and ice skating are not sports! They never were.
  34. A guest can enter the cave during a game and ask for the score once. However, not knowing the names of the teams is unacceptable.
  35. No chick flicks, even if you find the latest one for free.
  36. No man shall criticize classic movies such as Animal House, Caddyshack, and The Hangover.
  37. No one borrows DVDs from my collection.
  38. The toilet seat cover stays up at all times.
  39. Everyone, including the guests, can scratch when it itches.
  40. No restrictions on farting and belching. Anyone feeling uncomfortable may step out.
  41. Women cannot enter the man cave for cleaning. The man will do it whenever he feels like it.
  42. Pets can walk in at any time. They can lie down where they want.
  43. It is perfectly OK to play with cars and enjoy video games. No one shall be judgmental.
  44. Only quitters fold during a game of poker. Winners move on with a poker face.
  45. I brag about my trophies. The guest listen. It’s not a choice.
  46. Guests shall not cancel their plans in the last minute unless they win free tickets to the Superbowl.
  47. The man of the cave is always right! Whatever I say should make perfect sense to the guests.
  48. If the guests are confused about a particular rule, they shall read the the previous one again.
  49. No one should question the rules.
  50. Anyone with objections should refer to rule number 1.
  51. Whatever happens in the man cave stays there.

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