Small Man Cave Stuff To Personalize Your Theme

Every man is different and has a unique personality that is unlike anyone else out there. Most modern men cherish their individuality and do not wish to compromise on their tastes and personal preferences. This attitude reflects in the type of man caves they build in their homes.

Unlike the past, when man caves essentially consisted of a music system, a television set, a refrigerator, and a few chairs, modern versions showcase the owners personality and beliefs. Your man cave stuff should include items that represent your own style and taste. Often these items are generic to start out but can be personalized with pictures of you or your favorite sports team’s logo and players.

The Big Stuff for Your Man Cave

Man Cave StuffA recent survey has indicated that close to 54 percent of American homes have a specially-designated area for the man of the house. These man spaces differ significantly from each other. While some are small and compact, others are expansive and filled with luxurious items. Most modern mantuaries, however, represent a fusion between luxury, entertainment and functionality.

Irrespective of the size and the decor, every man space should contain some basic items. A good television set or home theater system, a music system, and a small home bar are must in every cave. In fact, according to the previously mentioned study, the top four must-have items in the man cave include a flat-screen television, surround sound system, computer and video games. The man room should also include comfortable lounge chairs, sofas or recliners. Consider the convenience of other people as well, especially if you plan to have your buddies over for some fun.

It’s all About the Man Room Theme

Once you finalize the essentials, it is important to think about specific items that will make your room unique. Most men are immensely passionate about certain things. Building a man cave around this theme is a great way of letting the whole world know about your interests. You can also use the area to flaunt your mementos and collectibles.

For example, if you love collecting model cars, display them in your cave. If you enjoy movies, have a vast collection of DVDs, blue-rays and related memorabilia for everyone to enjoy. Men who love basketball can have a hoop installed in a corner of the room. Golf-lovers can have a small driving range or a putting green in their mantuary. They can also have the latest version of EA Sport’s Golf for the Xbox.

However, some guys are interested in many different things. Hence, they may not be able to choose a theme easily. If you are one of them, make a list of everything you enjoy. Look around your home and personal collections to find items that may go with one of the activities. You may also opt for a man cave that is a fusion of several themes.

Remember the cardinal rule: it is your man cave. You choose what goes in it.

Small Man Cave Stuff Makes the Difference

As stated earlier, chairs, sofas, bars and home theater systems can be found in most man spaces. These items add to the comfort and functionality of the room. The style comes from other small stuff you put in it. While the big stuff can set you back big bucks the smaller man cave stuff below costs less than $50 and if you shop around you are sure to find most of these items for less than $20 on

Top 10 Man Cave Stuff Ideas to Personalize Your Theme

  1. Books – If you are a voracious reader, placing a vast collection of books in the man cave can reflect your passion. Sports lovers and movie buffs can also place some reference books on their coffee table or on a shelf in the corner of the room.
  2. Mementos – Mementos add a personal touch to almost every man cave. Organize them carefully. Your visitors should sit up and take notice. Man Cave Stuff Poster
  3. Posters and Signs – Posters are inexpensive and attractive. Many men enjoy decorating the walls of their man cave with posters of their favorite movies, actors, musicians, and celebrities from the field of sport.
  4. Decals – Decals add character to the walls of your mantuary. You will find a wide selection at most retail stores. They are inexpensive and easy to use. Three-dimensional decals are great conversation starters as well.
  5. Bottle openers – Beer is one of the most popular beverages in man caves across America. An attractive bottle opener can add to the fun. You may also opt for a wall-mounted bottle opener that goes with the theme of your man space.
  6. Serving trays – No man cave event is complete without food. Use serving trays that go with your theme, instead of the regular ones. Your choices will range from NFL helmet-shaped trays to ball-shaped cooling totes.
  7. Coaster – Many stores also offer coasters that can be customized with logos of your favorite movie or team. They are functional and attractive as well.
  8. Tracking sheets – Every sports lover’s man cave should have tracking sheets that help record the progress of the team. You can leave them on the coffee table for reference.
  9. Lights – Include light fixtures that go with the mood of the room. Whether you love Star Wars or the NBA, you will find fixtures and lamps that work with your theme.
  10. Pillows – Plush pillows can add to the comfort of your chairs and sofas. Many retailers offer cushions that can be customized with specific logos and designs.

Sky is the Limit but…

Your man cave is your personal space. You do not have any restrictions. You should, however, think about all the people who will have access to area. Surprisingly, 89 percent of men like to bring in their partner or girlfriend to the man cave occasionally. Your man cave stuff should not make her uncomfortable. Money is a crucial determining factor. Space or the area of the room is important as well. Your artifacts and collectibles should not clutter the room. Your guests should have ample space to stretch and relax. You also need space for playing games and pursing other activities.

You may also hire a designer to handle the job for you but stay involved and add your personal touch at every stage. Designing your own man cave can be a lot of fun as well. Man caves are all about relaxation and fun. With right attitude and little imagination, almost every space can be transformed into an exotic mantuary.