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Men and women share a complex relationship. While most of them need each other’s company, they require their own space as well. Your wife or girlfriend may enjoy shopping or spending time with family. However, you need your occasional lone time to relax and rejuvenate. Some of you may play a game or enjoy some beer with buddies at a local bar. Movie theaters, golf courses, and hiking trails are some of the other popular choices. You may also choose to build a mancave within the comfort of your home and pursue your favorite activities there. In fact, every man should have cave. They offer much more than fun. This ultimate guide is full of man cave ideas with pictures.

Why do I need a Man Cave?

Man caves are all the rage among couples of all ages. Many of them credit their successful relationships to nicely done mantuaries that provide an inviting and comfortable environment to the man of the house.

  • Personal retreat – Your mancave is like your personal retreat. You spend time there after a tough day at work or over the weekends. It helps you relax, reflect and recharge while doing something you really enjoy. You regain your energy levels. You also get back the urge to spend some quality time with your wife and children. Most men with successful relationships will tell you that a few hours of isolation each week make a big difference.
  • Greater efficiency – Improved energy levels and some lone time can also have a positive impact on your efficiency. You will do well at work. You will also be motivated to complete household chores quickly. The positive change will reflect in almost every aspect of your life.
  • Be happy – Once you spend some time in your personal sanctuary, you will overcome stress and get ready to enjoy the rest of the evening with your family. You will feel satisfied and actually create beautiful memories with your loved ones for life.

How can I Convince my Wife?

Do these benefits make the concept of man caves male chauvinistic? Surprisingly, most women disagree. Tell your wife that although you might be away for a few hours each week, you will be more enthusiastic and involved when you get back. You will help her with household chores and be more receptive to her ideas. Women also appreciate their husbands spending time within the confines of their home instead of an outside location. Some women also enjoy the lone time that they get when their husband is in his man space.

Experts also believe that creative mantuaries increase the value of your house. A recent report in the New York Times states that man caves can help you sell the property quickly and at a great price. Ultimately, man caves are one of the few things men and women seem to agree upon. It may seem like a materialistic investment. However, it can do wonders to the quality of your relationship. With time, both partners will get comfortable with the idea. Your relationship will grow stronger and benefit in the long run.

History of Man Caves

The history of mankind started with the cave man almost 800,000 years ago. The history of mancave began almost at the same time. Historians believe that even in early civilizations, men had specific sections of homes and public buildings designated for them. They drank and had spent some good times together. The Greeks had beautifully decorated chambers dedicated exclusively for men.

Famous personalities of the modern world have also owned exotic man caves in the last century. Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, had a robust personality and was immensely fond of cowboys. His man space was full of hunting equipment and trophies from his past adventures.

Many movies and television shows also focus extensively on man caves. Together, they have contributed to the popularity of mantuaries in recent times. Men across the globe are creating their own sanctuaries to enjoy their lone time.

Popular ManCave Locations

Where you create your man cave will depend on your personal preferences, floor plan of your house, and the needs of other members in the family. Most men choose to convert the extra room in their house into the man cave, although options include the den, extra bedrooms, a basement and the garage. You should consider certain facts before finalizing the location of your man cave.

  • Choose a room that is slightly removed from the hustle bustle in your house. This will allow you to enjoy peaceful time without overhearing other conversations. It will also give you the privacy you deserve. You can be yourself instead of worrying about what your wife or children might think.
  • Consider the area of the place and go for a room that suits your theme. It should accommodate everything you want in your man space. If you have a small room, do not be disheartened. With little imagination and creativity, any room can be transformed into an exotic mantuary.
  • Make sure the room is well-ventilated. It will add to your comfort and help you enjoy your time.
  • Discuss with your family members and make sure they do not require the room for any other purpose. Plan for the future as well. If you expect to change the room in a few years, invest wisely.

Once you choose the room, you can start planning rest of the details. Remember that mancaves are all about comfort and attitude. Room is not important. You should have passion and commitment towards the project. Have fun setting it up, and continue the mood after completion for years to come.

What should your Man Cave have?

Your man cave is your ultimate private sanctuary. You are the most important person there and everything in that room should reflect your taste and personal preferences. You may choose to create your man cave from the scratch and make it a DIY project. You may also hire contractors to do the job for you, depending on the complexity of the project and your financial situation. You should, however, be involved at every step to add your personal touch.

Begin by choosing a theme for the room. Think of all the things you are immensely passionate about as these can be the inspiration for many man cave ideas. Remember that the room should help you relax and recharge. Choose a theme that brings in positive thoughts and memories.

Do not neglect any aspect of the room. Paint your favorite color on the walls and decorate them with posters, pictures, memorabilia and trophies that reflect your passion. Add a plush carpet or rug for comfort. Make sure the room has heater, air-conditioner or fan to help maintain ideal room temperature in all seasons. You will not enjoy spending time in an uncomfortable room. Keep some recliners, sofas, chairs or bean bags that look attractive while offering comfort and posture. Do not clutter the room. Simple designs and minimalistic furniture will make the room look spacious. You should also consider your buddies before making the seating arrangement.

game room ultimate man cave ideasWhile some of you may choose to sit idly in your mancave, others may want to do some activity. Television, music systems, and computers can keep you entertained. You may also add gaming consoles, books, board games, or gaming tables as these man cave ideas can the little touches to make a great experience. The activity should be simple and easy for all your buddies to enjoy. More importantly, you should enjoy it. As stated earlier, your man cave is for you. It should contain everything you love but nothing that irritates you. You may also place a refrigerator in your man cave and stock it with snacks and beverages. Remember that good food can transform good days into great ones.

Give me Some Man Cave Ideas!

Every individual is different. Hence, every mancave should be different as well. While you may refer to popular ideas mentioned below, change things to suit your personality and budget.


Basketball fans can include a hoop in one corner of their mantuary. Make sure you have place to move around. A big TV with gaming console and simulators is a plus. Posters and memorabilia will represent your passion towards the game. As with any man space, include comfortable chairs and a mini bar or refrigerator.Basket Ball Man Cave


The design for your soccer man cave will depend on the space. If you have a large basement, you may place a portable goal net for some real soccer fun. Gaming consoles with soccer simulators are a must along with other items such as chairs, beverages, snacks, posters, memorabilia, flags and jerseys.
Soccer Man Cave


Can you imagine watching the Superbowl in a football-themed man space with a bunch of friends? Decorate the room with items that represent your passion for the game. Gaming consoles will allow you to play the game within the confines of your home and complete the man cave.
Football Man Cave


Hockey fans are a crazed bunch and love to see a good fight on the ice. For those fans that can’t make the game, a hockey themed bro pad will work great. The more life like the better with recliners sitting on an ice-like floor within a hockey rink. All this and a big screen at one end to catch all the action.
Hockey Man Cave


Any golf enthusiast will tell you that golf is more than a sport. Most people associate it with vast, open lands. Hence, your golf-themed man cave should be spacious and well-ventilated. You may also use bright white light bulbs to compensate for lack of windows or ventilation. Get a strip of artificial grass or green carpet to create your own putting green. Have fun with the design and choose the shape and area of your putting green based on the size of your room.

A golf simulator will set you back by about $7000 but is worth every cent you pay for it. You can use the screen as a television as well. Target rings can help you practice and get proficient at the game. Do not forget to decorate the room with memorabilia, posters, pictures and other articles related to golfing legends.


There is nothing more enjoyable than watching MLB games in a man cave with a bunch of buddies. A high-definition TV and surround speakers can add to the fun. We have an entire article dedicated baseball themed mancaves. Do not forget the gaming console with a baseball simulator. Or how about going retro with a baseball tabletop game like Stratomatic Baseball or MLB Showdown? Decorate the room with posters of your favorite MLB players. Place all your baseball memorabilia in a display shelf. Have a few books about the game. Great recliners and chairs will help you enjoy the experience for hours at a stretch. Adjust the lighting and paint the walls with the colors of your MLB favorite team.
Baseball Man Cave


Man caves are immensely popular among hunting enthusiast. A special room gives them an opportunity to display their prized trophies and have special conversations with buddies. A high-definition home theatre system and a collection of exotic hunting videos and cowboy movies can help you spend hours without getting bored. Hunting trips can be the source of many man cave ideas especially when you can fill your man den with hunting pictures. This is sure to spark many long tales and short stories which become grander and more spectacular as more beer flows.

Your furniture can also speak volumes about your passion for hunting. Consider beige or hunter green recliners along with sheepskin or bearskin rugs. Have a special shelf to display your weapons safely. Depending on the size of the room, you may add a game of darts or convert a wall into target area for arrow shooting.

Billiards and Pool Table

For those guys which like a good game of 8 Ball there is no better way to celebrate your passion than to have a manly den devoted to billiards. A pool table is standard stuff for many mancaves but some guys want display cases to show off their pool tournament trophies. How about pictures of some of the greatest pool players of all time like Willie Mosconi or Steve Mizerak? Some guys like Hooter girls but true pool players are fond of Jeanette Lee otherwise know as The Black Widow. Displaying a picture of this great female pool player will give it the right manly space vibe. The size of your space will help decide what size pool table will go into the room. Other billiards décor items will fit more easily so most of the planning should go around where the pool table will go and making sure there is enough room so that you don’t put a hole in the wall as you draw the pool stick back.


Everyone loves movies but if you eat-sleep-drink them, why not get creative and make your own movie-themed man cave. Cover the walls with posters of your favorite actors and movies. Designate a specific area to display your personal encounters with stars and your favorite memorabilia. A high-definition home theater system is a must. Comfortable chairs and recliners will help you enjoy movies with your buddies. A popcorn maker along with a bar or a refrigerator are important as well. Coffee table books about classic movies and actors can transform into great conversation points.


If you are a voracious reader, imagine having your own book lounge with shelves of favorite books. Comfortable furniture, plush carpets, and good lighting will help you fall in love with the book like never before. Book shelves will occupy a significant proportion of the room. Decorate the walls with posters and pictures.


Watching old TV shows is a great way of getting nostalgic and remembering the old times. If you were crazy about a show, consider dedicating a man cave for it. Include the DVDs of the entire collection along with trivia games and other memorabilia. Good seating and powerful home theater system are a must.


If you are into Star Wars, Star Trek, Ender’s Game, Battlestar Galactica or anything else out of this world then a manly sci-fi den is for you! Movie posters are a must because you can pick your favorite character to display or go for the USS Enterprise streaking through space. More than any other theme sci-fi lends itself to a home theater. Imagine a star filled ceiling with models hanging down with Fat Head wall decals surrounding you as you watch sci-fi movies. Or how about life-sized 3-CPO and Boba Fett? Awesome!
Star Wars Man Cave


Music is an iconic representation of local culture and history. Your man space should reflect that. Fill the room with your favorite CDs and DVDs. Audio tapes and gramophone records add special flavor to the area. Designate specific areas for collections and memorabilia. If you play an instrument, make a small stage to perform for your friends or practice with other members of your band.


Are you a wannabe inventor? Your man cave can be your personal laboratory with electrical circuits, wires, test tubes and jars. You may place posters of your favorite inventors for inspiration. You may also hang a periodic table or a solar system chart on the wall. Place tables and chairs according to your convenience. Safety should be your top priority. You may also have shelves to place tools and other important supplies.

Classic cars

Every classic car enthusiast should have a mancave. Fill it up with your collections. Add signs and posters related to your favorite vehicles. Place comfortable recliners and a HD home theater system to watch shows and movies related to the theme. Coffee table books about cars can be a lot of fun. Create a shelf to display model of cars and along with other types of memorabilia.man cave classic car


What better way to enjoy some lone time with your biker buddies than to spend time at a cool and comfortable man cave with a great bar and comfortable seating. Add some great movies and a powerful home theater system. Decorate the room with posters and collections to complete the look.
motorcycle man cave ideas


If you love speed, a gaming console with NASCAR games and simulation rides are a must. Look for posters and other memorabilia including pictures that you may have collected at races. You may add a comic touch to the room by including Disney Cars products or better yet go with scaled models of the #3 car or #8 car. There are many die cast models to choose from and you can easily fill several display cases.
nascar man cave


A poker table, some cards, and a slot machine can turn your man cave into an uber cool casino. You may add a bar on one side of the room. Adjust the lighting to create a casino effect. Some bar stools should take care of the furniture. You may place a few recliners in one corner along with a HD television for some additional fun. Casino-themed man caves are immensely popular. Your buddies will love it.

Video game

Video games have always been popular among men. There are several gaming consoles in the market. Choose a product that supports the games you enjoy and has a good interface. You should also have a good screen. You may use the same one to watch movies and TV shows as well.


Do you love to create or consume exotic beverages? How about converting your man cave into an invitation-only bar. Put your bartending skills to test. A few bar stools and a sofa along with appropriate lighting and décor will make it look perfect. Your main focus should be on the bar itself. Try and include as many beverages as possible and have your buddies over for some fun.

Wine tasting

Wine enthusiasts can create their own wine tasting room in their mantuary. A custom-built rack with a wide selection of wines is a must along with different flavors of cheese. Tables and chairs should be comfortable. You may procure some wine barrels to add to the décor. Use dim lighting and soothing music. Remember a bro spot doesn’t always mean it is overflowing with beer, mixed drinks and wine are just as important to many men.


The 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s had a lot to offer. You can decorate the man cave with articles from the decade of your choice. Include music, movies and TV shows that belonged to the era. Fill up your rooms with books, posters, pictures and furniture that represent those times. Look through family treasures to find items that belonged to your parents or grandparents. They can add a personal touch to the room and make great conversation points.


Cigar enthusiasts often look for safe places to display their collection and enjoy the puff. Your own man cave could be the ideal location. Place a humidor that accommodates your collection and fits the room. A few recliners coupled with movies and music can help you relax and spend quality time with friends. Make sure, the place is well-ventilated and allows the smoke to escape with ease.


Fitness freaks can also convert their man cave into a personal gym. Include all the equipment you want. Place a comfortable to chair to wind down after the workout. Do not forget cool water. Great music or TV shows can make exercising more fun.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a popular man space idea as well. It is easy to build and can be a lot of fun. A few chairs for relaxation and favorite music can make the area more exciting.

Pool and spa

A pool or a spa in the man cave can be a lot of fun too. You can relax while watching your favorite TV show or movie. Include a small bar or refrigerator and stock it up with your favorite beverages. Install lighting to suit your personal preferences and to create the right environment.


Some men enjoy work and convert their man space into an exotic office room with plush carpet, comfortable chair, large desk, and beautiful décor. Add a personal touch to the room and include things that you cannot have in your regular office. It will help you work and relax at the same time.

Do nothing

While many men choose specific themes for their mantuaries, it is not a must. You can just place some comfortable chairs in a room and simply relax and reflect on the day’s happenings without doing anything.

Is this Wacky?

No, nothing in your mancave can be weird or wacky. If you like it, you keep it. It’s your private sanctuary and you get to keep it the way you want. Do not worry about what others might think. Get creative and let the man cave represent your real personality. Have fun with it. Do not get limited by standard themes or lack of resources. With little planning, you can create an exotic man cave at a fraction of the price. Look into your garage and go through all the things you dumped in the storage. You will find hundreds of articles that work with your theme.

The Manly Space Rules

Every place has rules, and your man cave is no different. Friends are welcome but rules are rules. Do not shy away from making a list and pasting it on the door or the wall. Here are some examples:

  • You are the boss and you always have the remote control. No one will have access to Lifetime, The Oprah Show, and the Martha Stewart Show.
  • People looking for snuggles, flowers and potpourris need not step in.
  • Your buddies can use all types of words without worrying about consequences.
  • However, you may punish individuals praising the rival team.
  • You will not allow any crying or whining. The place is for pure fun.

You can get creative and come up with other rules that suit your needs and the overall theme of your man cave.

Some men do not see the point of having a mancave. However, you should try it to believe it. Your man cave is your own place. You create it the way you want and spend your time doing activities that relax you without being pretentious. Never compromise on design and convenience. Do not let others interfere. Listen to your heart and create a place that helps you forget everything and enter a dream world.

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