Best Man Cave Table Games

man cave table gamesTo be considered the ultimate man cave, many items are must-haves. A big-screen HD television, refrigerators decked out in the favorite team’s colors and plenty of comfortable recliners and seating for Mr. Man Cave and his friends. Yet, no man cave is complete without plenty of tables as well. But not just any tables, we’re talking game tables, poker tables, combo tables and more. As with most other man cave accessories, there are plenty of styles from which to choose, all of which come with wide price ranges and much more.

Foosball Tables

When waiting around for the big game to begin, there’s nothing better than a good game of foosball. Guys standing around a foosball table, rooting each other on while enjoying a cold brew makes any day a great day in the man cave. Whether it’s a few dollars being waged or nothing but pride on the line, beating your buddy in a game of foosball will give you bragging rights for a few minutes anyway. There are plenty of different types of tables from which to choose, all of which have various features and styles of construction.

Foosball tables can range in price from $100 on up to over $600. The Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table, Black/Green, 4-Feet offers impressive graphics and a playing surface that looks and feels like real grass. Complete with ergonomic handles that provide great ball control and action, it’s a very affordable way to liven up the man cave. For those where money is no option, there’s the Carrom 750-33 Burr Foosball Table. Costing anywhere from $520-$750, this table is the Cadillac of foosball tables. Blending in with a variety of man cave decors, the table has hand-painted players, screen-printed graphics that won’t wear out over time and very precise player control using the triple chrome-plated steel rods. If you can afford it, the Carrom will add style, luxury and lots of excitement to your man cave.

Air Hockey Tables

If you want your man cave to take on an aura of excitement, it’s got to have an air hockey table. Fast-paced action combined with lightning-quick reflexes are what’s needed to be an air hockey champ in the man cave, and like foosball tables there are plenty of different kinds to purchase. Of all the types of man cave tables, these are perhaps the ones with the most wide-ranging prices, with some models selling for just over $50 while others can go for more than $1,000.

If it’s an affordable game of air hockey you want for the man cave, the Harvil Tabletop Air Hockey Table fits the bill perfectly. Costing only $59, this game can easily be placed upon almost any table for a quick game before the big game. Requiring 6 AA batteries for the blower, this table is only seven inches high and weighs less than 15 pounds, making it a very affordable and portable option if space is limited. However, if the man cave is decked out as an NHL haven and you want the true feel of Stanley Cup playoff hockey, then it’s time to consider the Viper Vancouver Air Powered Hockey Table. Measuring a whopping seven feet long and coming complete with an electronic LED scoring display, this table can range in price from $800-$1,100. Unlike the smaller Harvil model, this table has a 110v motor along with arcade-designed inner rails to keep the puck in play. Whichever model is chosen for the man cave, excitement is sure to follow.

Poker Tables

One rule of the man cave is there has to be at least one good poker game per week. To help everyone follow this rule, there are plenty of poker tables on the market. Some, such as the Trademark Texas Traveller, are portable tabletop versions that can be bought for $50. Measuring 48″x48″, it comes complete with cup holders, chip organizers and is built for up to eight players. Easily folded to 24″x24″ to fit into a carrying case, this is a perfect choice for those who want to take their poker games on the road or who want to save space in their man cave for other items. However, if poker is taken very seriously around your man cave, then you may want to consider the Texas Holdem Poker Table. Costing about $350, this table is for serious players who know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. A casino-quality table that’s hand-crafted with a premium vinyl-padded rail, this table takes the man cave poker game to a whole new level. Very durable, the stainless steel cup holders keep the drinks secure while deciding if your opponent is bluffing about his great hand.

Pool/Billiard Tables

For the pool shark of the man cave, there’s got to be a pool table nearby. Whether it’s the 5-ball in the corner pocket or the 8-ball in the side pocket, a good game of pool is always a great way to spend time hanging out in the man cave. While pool can be an expensive sport to get started in, there are still plenty of affordable options. One of the most affordable is the Bello Games pool table. Priced at only $250 and portable like a card table, this table requires no assembly and has a 44″x24″ playing surface. It gets rave reviews from those who own it, and is a very sturdy table that’s made for years of play. When you’re done with it, it can be stored in a closet or left where it is. Included with it are two cue sticks, billiard balls, triangle and brush. If a more expensive table is in order, the Fat Cat table is the one to buy. Retailing for more than $1,200 this table comes with a 7-year warranty on its playing surface and beveled legs for added support. Claiming to play as well as any tavern table out there, it gets very good reviews from others who consider this part of their essential man cave equipment.

Ping Pong Tables

Back and forth, back and forth. Putting hand/eye coordination to the test, ping pong tables provide hours of fun in the man cave. Ranging in price from $77-$400, they offer a choice of portable tables that be set up almost anywhere or professional-grade tables for the serious table tennis player. For those who only want an occasional ping pong game, the Viper Portable Table Tennis Top is a smart choice. Assembled in seconds, it comes with a carrying case and includes paddles, balls and net. As an added bonus, the reverse side of the table is designed for games of checkers, backgammon and chess and comes complete with pieces for those games too. Meanwhile, at $400 the JOOLA USA Ping Pong Table is for the serious player. Complete with wheels for easy mobility, it can serve as a dual-purpose table. The two table halves can be used as freestanding tables when there’s lots of guests in the man cave, and it can even fold up for playback when you want to get in some extra practice.

Combination Tables

For many man caves, the problem comes in wanting to fit too many items into the room. However, with combo tables that problem is easily solved. Priced from $100-$900, these tables allow the man cave to have everything it’s always wanted and more. A very affordable combo table is the Medal Sports Combo Table. Offering 12 games in one table, it’s a dream come true for any man cave owner. You can go from game to game in mere seconds with its easy conversion game tops, allowing you and your buddies to get in games of air hockey, basketball, table tennis, football and baseball toss and more. But if it’s the big-boy of combo tables you desire, then the Playcraft Danbury combo table merits serious consideration. Offering 14 games including foosball, air hockey, table tennis, bowling, billiards and many others it’s a table that’s hard to pass up. Considered the best value on the market, it’s a very sturdy table that is made to last for many years of man cave enjoyment.

So now that you’re absolutely giddy at the thought of having these tables in your very own man cave, the question becomes which ones to purchase. Do you go with several different tables, or purchase a combo table that has many of your favorite games? As with other man cave items, your decision will come down to personal preference, finances, available room within the man cave and other factors. Some man cavers prefer to start out with lesser-priced items and work their way up to the big-ticket items, while others decide life is too short and they have to go for the gusto when they can. Whatever decision you make, you and your buddies are guaranteed to have hours of fun while crowning the ping pong and pool champs of the man cave.