Baseball Man Cave Ideas

Baseball MLB man caveA baseball themed man cave should start with at least a couple large flat screen televisions. One screen is usually not enough unless you are a fan of one specific baseball team and plan on watching only those games. The chances are that you’ll have buddies over, so multiple televisions screens will help boost the atmosphere. Let’s face it, baseball’s pace can get a little bit slow, so having two or more games playing at the same time will keep things lively. You can even add a third screen to stream baseball games online through MLB TV. Be sure to connect your screens to a surround sound audio system so that you can hear all of the action crystal clearly. Don’t forget to keep a radio in your baseball man cave so that you can catch the play by play in case you don’t care for the television announcers. Or, hook up your video game console so that you or a friend can play a baseball video game like MLB The Show on the extra screen.

Baseball Board Games Like MLB Showdown and Platinum Series Baseball

While you are in your manly pad watching a big league game why not pull an baseball tabletop game? These baseball board games are a great way to pass the time as manage your MLB Baseball team. Both MLB Showdown and Platinum Series Baseball are turn based MLB card games where you manage a team and decide which players to include on your team. These cards are built for guys that love baseball strategy games. These are two great baseball dice games where there is a bit of luck in who wins because sometimes no matter how well you have built your team a bad die roll can mean a bases loaded strike out. Both these simulation games come with a starter box with all you need to get playing right away with a game board, batter and pitcher cards, dice and enough strategy to keep any baseball fan happy for hours. Just remember sometimes watching a pitchers duel in your manly pad can be snooze fest and passing the time managing you own team of All-Star players can make your fantasy close to reality.

Top Baseball Man Cave Ideas

LinkBaseball ProductWhy We Like It!
MLB baseball Fathead wall decorMLB baseball Fathead wall decorYou get a life sized player in your cave or you can go with your favorite team's logo. There are dozens of other options sure to please everyone.
MLB batting helmetMLB batting helmetThese come in several sizes; regular, mini and snack cup sized so you can decorate your cave with more than one.
MLB JerseyMLB JerseyYou can frame an MLB jersey for wall art or you can wear it to show your pride.
MLB Baseball Team HatMLB Baseball Team HatMLB Baseball team hats can be hung around your cave or worn rally style in the bottom of the ninth.
Sports Illustrated Baseball BookSports Illustrated Baseball BookLet's face it a ballgame can take 3 hours, so why not have a coffee table book handy to flip through during the next pitchers duel?

Food and Beverage Just Like the Ballpark

After you set up your screens, cable television, computer and video games, you’ll want to gather some food and drinks. Be sure to stock up on chips, pretzels, crackers, popcorn, jerky, peanuts, hot dogs, hamburgers and rolls/buns. You’ll need something to store these goodies in, so get a baseball themed refrigerator or at least buy some refrigerator magnets to dress it up in your favorite teams colors. Consider installing a mini bar and bringing in a microwave and a hot air popcorn popper. Heck why not just buy a case of Craker Jacks? Which reminds me of my favorite song:

“Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack,
I don’t care if I never get back,….”

If you are a wine aficionado, consider buying a wine stopper with your team’s logo on it. Pick up a man cave cookbook, so that you’ll always have fresh ideas for new foods to serve to your guests.


Now that you’ve stocked your baseball man cave with electronics and munchies, it is time to adorn it with some memorabilia. Put your a metal sign with your team’s logo on the front, like this one, on the front of your man cave door to announce to all visitors that they are about to enter into a baseball man cave that supports your team. Hang your team’s pennants all around the room, preferably towards the area where the wall meets the ceiling so that they are prominently displayed.

You should also hang a few of your team’s jerseys along the walls or even keep them safely stored in an MLB jersey display case so that they stay pristine. A few collector’s plaques like this one, will put your baseball man cave’s style over the top.

You should also pick out several posters and fathead life size stickers that celebrate your team and its star players. Fathead stickers are the perfect addition to a baseball themed man cave. Fatheads present images of players at their real life size and aesthetics. So, it will be like your favorite players are right there in the room with you and your buddies while you watch the game. Try to space out your pennants, jerseys, plaques, fatheads, posters and other decorations so that there is a nice flow from one object to another.

Baseball Equipment

Be sure to stock up on baseball equipment to make your man cave that much more authentic and true to life. Keep a MLB style wood Louisville Slugger bat in the man cave. It’s a nice touch that will make you feel like you are a part of the action. Pick up your favorite team’s batting helmet too. You can hang it on the wall by the television as a decoration or you can wear it to support you team. Don’t forget to pick up an authentic team hat that you can either wear or keep in the room as an ornament.

If you’d like to turn out the lights for the night games but still have a bit of illumination with a baseball theme pick out a baseball themed lamp or choose a lamp with your favorite team’s logo on it.

Baseball Man Cave Furniture

You and your man cave guests will also need some furniture to sit in. Be sure to pick out a variety of chairs so that everyone has a seating option. Multiple seats will allow guests to trade places to get closer to a certain screen. Pick out a baseball themed crown marked chair and ottoman combination set. You can adorn it with your favorite team’s stickers if you’d like. Be sure to add a few sphere style lounge chairs that celebrate your favorite team. Snatch up a few comfy MLB team bean bag chairs and you are ready for game time.

Baseball team inflatable chairs with seating pads and neck pads also exist and they are much more comfortable than you might expect. If you’ve set up a computer in your baseball man cave, be sure to get a desk style chair that rolls so that you and your guests can shift your attention from the computer screen to the large LCD screen that has the game on. Or pick out a lightweight portable MLB folding table that celebrates your favorite team. It is perfect for snacks, drinks and games like beer pong or cards.

You’ll also want to pick out a few random team centric items that set your baseball man cave apart from others. So, get creative and search for something special. Here are a few ideas. If you have a dog and will allow him into your man cave, pick out a dog bowl that is adorned with your team’s logo. Something like an MLB stadium laser etched crystal ball will surely impress all of your friends and put your man cave over the top. These amazing crystal balls might not predict the future but they do feature a gorgeous image of your team’s favorite stadium in 3-D and they’ll play “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”.