5 Great Small Man Cave Ideas

Every guy knows a man cave is a special place that’s meant to be an escape from the real world. Whether the man cave is big or small, there are plenty of items that can be purchased to turn any space into a man cave you will be proud of. Whether it’s a small basement, garage or spare bedroom there are plenty of items that can make watching the big game even more exciting and relaxing. Even if your space is limited and your budget limited even more, don’t give up hope. There are still plenty of cool items and accessories that can turn even the smallest of spaces into a man cave that will make the other guys envious. So without further ado here are 5 small man cave ideas.

Bean Bag Football Chair

Football Man Cave Beanbag ChairIf you’re going to be watching the big game in a small space, it’s only appropriate you’re sitting in a chair that fits the occasion. The Bean Bag Factory offers a Football-Shaped Bean Bag Chair that combines comfort and style that fits into the smallest man cave. It’s a great chair that both senior and junior man cave members can enjoy while cheering on their favorite team. The perfect size for either one adult or an adult and child, it’s a great way dads and their kids can watch a game while man teaches boy all about the inner workings of the man cave world.

Man Cave Fridge

Man Cave FridgeOf course, while you’re watching the game you and any guests are bound to get thirsty. There’s nothing like a cool drink to refresh the ol’ throat after cheering the latest touchdown or lamenting after the latest turnover, so to make sure everyone has a cool drink in their hand you’re going to need a cool place to store the drinks. And as far as we can tell, there’s no place cooler to store some drinks than the Koolatron 10-can capacity Vending Fridge. Designed to resemble an old-style Coca-Cola vending machine, it can bring back pleasant memories from days gone by while giving you the coolest drink you can find. It’s affordable enough to fit most budgets while being compact enough to fit into any space. It’s just the right size for that spare room or garage that has been transformed into the man cave you always wanted. If you want a combination of modern convenience and old-style nostalgia, this fridge is the perfect addition to your miniature man cave.

Home Bar Stools

Man Cave Bar StoolsOnce you’ve got the cool drink in your hands, you’re going to need somewhere to sit down and take a break at halftime. If you and your buddies are wanting to sit down and discuss such vital issues as whether the backup quarterback should start the second half, do it in style while sitting on some barstools around a table. Coaster Home Furnishings offers a great 3-piece retro set of bar stools and a table that brings back memories of hanging out at the local drug store counter or ice cream parlor, talking about who’s going to win the big game while also keeping your eye on that cute girl sitting across the room. At only $129, it’s a very affordable addition to any man cave. With extremely well-padded seats and a chrome finish, you’ll find yourself spending plenty of time sitting around the table talking about the decision to go for it on fourth down instead of kicking the field goal. And if you’re real lucky, even in the man cave there might still be a cute girl sitting across the room to keep your eye on.

Man Cave Poker Table

man cave poker tableWhile football is a big part of the man cave experience, man does not live by pigskin alone. Sometimes if a game gets out of hand or everyone’s just up for a change of pace, a good game of cards may be in order. If you’re going to be playing poker or another game, do it in style with the House of Cards Man Cave Poker Table. A unique table that looks as if it’s made from five oversized playing cards, it’s a great conversation piece as well as a very functional table. Measuring only 23 inches high and 24 inches long, it’s compact enough to fit in any man cave space yet big enough to accommodate some buddies for a quick game of poker. Priced at just under $60, it’s anything but a budget-buster. One neat feature of this table is the cards can be interchanged at any time, and the table can be set up with either the front or back of the cards facing out. To see it for yourself, visit http://www.amazon.com/House-Cards-Decorative-Table-Poker/dp/B00KKSCEOW/.

Shot Glass Display Case

Any guy who has a man cave knows the importance of showing off the important stuff he has gathered over the years, and for many guys one of their most prized possessions is their shot glass collection. Usually collected from only the best sports bars, these glasses may not hold much whiskey but do hold lots of great memories. So it’s only natural that you’ll want to display them prominently in your man cave. To help with this, you can purchase a man cave shot glass display shelf. It will be a great addition not only to the man cave décor, but also a great conversation starter with your buddies.

Small Man Cave Ideas For Any Location

No matter the dimensions of your man cave or its location, these items are sure to turn your shrine to all things guys into the perfect place to kick back and relax. These 5 small man cave ideas are sure to add character to any manly space. Whether it’s watching the big football game, playing some poker or just talking things over with the guys, adding these items to your man cave will undoubtedly keep everyone comfortable while still trying to decide if that backup quarterback should be starting.